Getting Started is Half the Battle…

Music of all types are constantly using my mind to mix and mingle!

So it begins, I have decided to take the time to release Just Great Tunes!

It will be and is an ongoing work in progress and may at times digress from music and delve into other areas of interest.  But it will be mostly about and for music!

There are an infinite number of music related sites out there so if you found your way here – THANK YOU!

It’s my hope that I will get some help along the way to share in the fun…We will see.

I have had a problem with New Release Tuesdays for at least the past zillion years. I can’t seem to quench my thirst for new music.

I will share articles here that I agree with and ones that are pure BS from my taste.

Regardless, let’s all enjoy the ride, dance around, feel inspired, recover and make some memories…




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