Enter 2024 – Revisiting…

11 years and after a lot of path clearing later – time to get JGT back on track – Why not start off sort of where I left off…Boston Calling was in its first incarnation and the line-up had a wide appeal to attract generational local attention who were all very thirsty for a world […]

Spotify Playlist – GreenSquadGoals

Flowers On The Fire Escape

It’s Baaack – Time to Rumble!

34th Annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble Okay Okay – It’s been a looong time since the Rat held this Boston Rock institution and if you can remember that far back congratulations for making it this far.  I still have a copy of The Neighborhoods 45  No Place Like Home / Prettiest Girl.    Why bring […]

MGMT Playing Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel!

Oh where oh where have you guys been?  Who else is ready to hear some new material from these massively creative gents?  Just Everyone who enjoys Just Great Tunes!  Plus they are playing at Lupo’s – Saw the Avett Brothers there not too long ago and so many other bands there a looooong time ago […]

Boston Calling – Finally a Festival!

Memorial Day Weekend Music Festival on City Hall Plaza – Ohhh the HUMANITY !  At long last a music festival comes to our fair city! Why so long?  Who cares – get ready for more of them now – hell no I’m not nearly thinking festival saturation point bring’em all on here in Boston! Aaron Dessner, guitarist […]

Getting Started is Half the Battle…

Music of all types are constantly using my mind to mix and mingle! So it begins, I have decided to take the time to release Just Great Tunes! It will be and is an ongoing work in progress and may at times digress from music and delve into other areas of interest.  But it will […]